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Grass-Fed Beef

Earnest Roots Farm Grass Fed Beef

It all started with cattle. Cattle is our family history and we thoroughly enjoy having them as part of our operation. The cows that we use in our grass fed program are purchased from Byram Cattle Co, Kiley's dad. We know exactly where they come from and how they are raised. They come to us at about 7 months old. They are rotated on green pastures, offered quality hay bailed here on the farm. 

Our Grass-fed Beef is quite different from the typical grass fed beef. We have always been fans of the quality and taste of grain fed, but 100% grass-fed is where we wanted to be as we started the beef journey. ‘In addition to all the green grass and hay they want, we supplement with natural sea salts and minerals, sea kelp, and alfalfa meal pellets. This 100% grain free meal is high in protein, which gives the beef a marbling content similar to grain but with a nutritional benefit of grass-fed beef. Marbling content gives the buttery content we all love with grain-fed beef.' We think you'll be highly pleased with the outcome!

We also have a Jersey Dairy Cow, Clora, that we use for our personal consumption - and we sometimes share with the pigs, cats, and dogs.