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Products from our Bee Hives

Kiley's mom, Sharon Byram, was the beekeeper in the family. She started in bees in 2017 and we got our first hive in 2019. Our plan was for her to teach us the ropes. She went to the field with Kiley a few times and Josh was able to master the art of catching swarms with her.

 In May of 2020, she passed away unexpectedly. Our world was turned a bit upside down to say the least, but by the Grace of God and His loving arms, we've made it three years down the road and that has led us to here - sharing a bit of what mom started with you all.

We've been slowly learning over the past few years and we've harvested every year for our own needs. We're excited to finally bite the bullet and share this years harvest with you. This small batch honey is delectable. 

We hope you love Sharbee's Honey as much as we do - it's truly a staple around our kitchen!

You can catch the full story and fun reveal here.