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Pastured Poultry

Laying Hens and Meat Birds

We may be addicted to chickens. Scratch that, Earnest Roots Farm is addicted to chickens.The fresh, pasture raised eggs our girls provide and the tasty, nutritious meat our broilers provide is hard to come by. If the fresh eggs and tasty, nutritious packed meat these guys and gals provide wasn’t enough, the fertilizer and nutrients they provide to our soil tops it off. Our chickens keep the system going in so many ways, they really are a valuable part of our operation:Chicken poops, fertilizes our soil, soil grows vegetables & grass, vegetables & grass feed the livestock,chicken lays egg, we eat egg, shell goes to compost, compost build soil, soil builds food, food goes to chicken, chicken poops…See what we mean.

Our Meat chickens are raised in fresh air, sunlight and receive fresh grass two times a day. They get to run after bugs (and eat them!) and dig around in the dirt. Simply put, they get to be chickens. Pasture raised poultry not only live happy lives, but their nutrient levels are superior to conventionally raised. The Omega 6:3 ratio is lower (thus better for you) and Vitamins A, D and E are more abundant. (Read more on that here).All the fresh grass, bugs and sunlight has to account for something.

We offer two options of chicken: Organically Fed, Soy Free and GMO-Free. Both are raised the exact same way, this just gives you more of an option in choice!

Our Chicken operation would not be complete without our laying hens. Our customers come back time and time again for our pasture eggs; there really is a difference in taste and nutrition. Take these results from a study conducted by Mother Earth News on the difference between Pasture raised vs commercially raised:• 1/3 less cholesterol• 1/4 less saturated fat• 2/3 more vitamin A• 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids• 3 times more vitamin E• 7 times more beta carotene. Did I mention they taste great, too?

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