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Pastured Pork

Pasture Raised, GMO-Free, SOY Free

Why our Pastured Pork? Because it doesn’t just taste good, you know what you’re getting when you buy our pork: Good, quality meat. No antibiotics, no hormones. Just meat from a pig that was raised on sunshine, mud, and fresh grass. Rotated through woods and pasture, they get access to all the acorns and grasses. Real Meat. They are rotated on pasture numerous times during their stay with us and given the utmost care and attention. Dig in.We supplement a Certified Non-GMO/ Soy Free feed as needed. They also get a good supply of veggies from our Non-GMO, pesticide free garden and loads of skim milk from our family milk cow. They receive the best!

We offer various USDA inspected cuts for purchase if you want a few things here and there to put in your freezer. 

Did you know? The nutritional benefits of pasture raised pork are superior to that of conventional raised that you purchase at the grocery store.All that grass, dirt, rooting, wallowing, frolicking, acorns, bugs , sunshine and fresh air has to account for something. And we know it’s not only the nutritional side, but the taste as well.We’re fully stocked with our pasture raised pork and with shipping available, there’s no reason not to try it out now!

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