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Hunker Down

March 18, 2020

Social Distancing and hunkering down, as a farmer/homesteader/homebody we've kind of got that down pat. Most of our days are spent here anyways, doing something. Growing, mending, nourishing, care taking. In some form or fashion. So, when everyone was told to socially distance themselves for the greater good of the people, we thought "Piece.of.Cake"

Boy. Was I wrong. It doesn't take long to see just how much you can miss something you didn't realize you had. We had the blessing of meeting a wonderful family this evening on the farm - it was their first time out for an on farm pickup order.

The first instinct for most when meeting someone new, is of course an extend of hand for a friendly handshake. Well, that's not the best idea right now. And then there was when the kids got out of the car and you could tell our son and their kids wanted to run around and see the farm. Play, interact. Because that's what we do when we have visitors out. Of course, to be safe everyone kept their distance. That one really got to me because these kiddos, for the most part, don't really understand what's going on.

We had a wonderful conversation, a great visit, and it was a great time. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a small ache in my chest for the way things have come to be - hopefully for just a short period of time.

One thing that has really stuck with me is this - Perhaps God is calling people to slow down and focus on Him. What better time to bring your family in close, cook a meal together, study your Bible together. Connect with Him while connecting with one another.

Yes, there are many things we cannot/should not be doing right now that we're going to miss. But I personally believe there could be some amazing transformations within our homes and our lives if we just take the time to slow down. What better time to implement this than now, when we have nowhere to be? 

Love & Wellness

Kiley Morrison

Honey Time

Mar 18th, 2020