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Honey Time

March 18, 2020

The amount of honey this household goes through is astronomical. We eat honey on everything. Honey on eggs, honey on bread, honey in recipes, and not to mention our all time favorite - honey and sausage.

Being as self sufficient as we can, we decided that it was time to get some honey bees and try our hand harvesting our own honey when the time comes.

First step, Bee Hives - Check. 

Second step, put said Bee Hives together - Check & Check


Thirdly, set up an area on the farm for the bees that the cows can't get to - Check


And the step we're currently on - Obtain some bees!

We have a dear friend who's parents have hives and she called yesterday to let us know the hive had split! Josh jumped in the truck and well, check out the videos below to see the rest! (Make sure your Sound is on - Listen to those bees Fly!

    Kiley Morrison
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