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Pasture Raised Chicken Updates

April 9, 2020

We want you to be able to see how things are done around here and how YOUR food is raised. Since we can't offer farm tours at the time, we can show you through technology. So, welcome to our virtual chicken tour. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below!

We get our chickens that we are going to raise for meat at about 3 days old. They are shipped through the mail to our local post office. The post office gives us a call, we hop in the car and go pick them up!

The ride home is quite joyful and full of peeps and chirps. Once we get them home, they go into the brooder (which is a heated spot for them to stay in until they can fare the weather). We provide them with garlic-apple cider vinegar-honey water to boost their systems and supply them with a fermented feed for gut health - anything to get these guys out to a great start! As you'll learn in this video, we're not always the most prepared....

They stay in the brooder for about 2 weeks while their feathers grow in and they get a little bigger. We use the "deep Litter Method" which is continuously layering fresh pine shavings every day so they're on fresh ground. We give them fresh grass as well to pick through and get use to eating on, as well as grit to break down their food.

And then FINALLY the day comes, and they get to go out on pasture! Fresh grass, sunshine, bugs, fresh air...everything that does a body...a chicken...good.

And here's another update on how they are moved, twice a day, to fresh grass. LOOK AT 'EM GET AFTER THOSE BUGS!

We will add to this as we take more videos and go through their journey.

Kiley Morrison

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