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Rosemary Propagation

written by

Kiley Morrison

posted on

March 25, 2020

Around here on the farm we like everything to serve at least one, even better, two purposes.  Something we have started to do when it comes to landscaping is to not put the focus on the aesthetics of the plant but the functionality. Is it edible to us, to the animals or provide food for bees?  If it meets none of those criteria, then it probably doesn't get planted. Thank goodness bees love flowers!

The one herb we use a lot of in cooking is Rosemary. Last year, we planted a row of rosemary to act as a privacy hedge. The row is doing really well and now we want to expand it and also plant more around the property.  We have learned that rosemary has medical purposes for animals.  It  improves the respiratory systems, repels insects and provides a calming  factor for the animals.  Along with rosemary we have planted many other herbs for our benefit and the animals.  

Now instead of going off and buying more plants we have tried to propagate more by cutting young growth stems off our already established plants.  What you do it find a limb that has not yet hardened - first year growth stem. You cut it and remove the leaves from the bottom 1-2”.  Then poke the stem Into some fertile soil and water once a day for 2 weeks.  I also added a willow tree stem into the soil for its natural root growth properties. If this works in the weeks to come we should have many more rosemary plants to add around the farm.

Check out the video for a quick overview of how it's done!

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