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Poultry Processing Equipment Rental

Poultry Processing Equipment Rental


Do you want to raise & process your own chickens?

Maybe you don’t want to purchase all the expensive equipment to tackle this endeavor or you just want to  try it first - then this is for you.

This rental will include:

  • A five bird kill cone stand
  • A plucking machine
  • An electric scalder – (240 volt plug required)
  • 100 shrink wrap bags.

Shrink Bags

$50 for an additional pack of bags (100 bags total)

Instructions for equipment usage will be provided

Call to schedule a date to pick up. (Only 1 rental available at a time)

Terms and conditions apply


Terms and Conditions. Earnest Roots Farm, LLC is not liable for any accident, incident or harm that may come from using/misuse of equipment. Renter assumes all liability and responsibility. • $200 deposit, will be reimbursed upon return. • Return equipment cleaned and in working condition. • The rental period will be for 3 days. A $10 fee will be added for every day after that until returned. • water must be added to the scalder before it is turned on. If the heating element is burned up it will be a $50 deduction from deposit. • Failure to clean the equipment adequately will result in a $30 cleaning charge • If you experience equipment malfunction, please inform us. • Rate for consultation and/or processing is $30 an hour (1 hour minimum) • We will purchase back CLEAN, unused bags at $0.40 per bag